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Draggable Love Letter Image
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My Sweet Sumner 🍯🌞

I am very sorry that I had to go, it was simply my time 🕓

You were always the stronger of us 💪

I could never had held the tiller for you as you did for me in such dark and ravaging seas 🌊

In my days of passage you were, as I knew you would be, perfect 👼

I have left the stage but I will never leave you 🎤

I am in a thousand places that will always be ours 📌

Look for me in the sunsets, the ones that marry the light of a yawning day to the bright pink billowed clouds of a western sky ☀️🌥🌤

These are my sunsets not yours.

Live my sweet Sumner, live with every ounce of love that you still have to give 🏋️‍

Do not question this hunger that still rides within your warm and pounding heart ❓🥙

If you get lonely just look for me 😭

I am there in the sunset, listen closely and I will whisper my blessing ☀️👂👼