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Draggable Love Letter Image
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I run my greedy... fever-quiv’ring hand ✋ ‘Round goddess-contour o’your damascus Flesh.. Aye soothing touch exacting ‘toxicant moldey From your soul’s clavichord, taut, laughing fresh

And caress your tempting lips 💋 aye avidly, With my starched soul upon scaleded mine, Sun-baked ☀️, desert-thirst, to appease a-seeking By vivifying thrall of your kisses wine 🍷

Oh most wanton 🥟 delight, your skin’s qintessence! Honeysuckle 🍯, amber, nectar from the bloom exotic. And dip.. sindazed, I.. my embattled soul Tixt warm concavity o’your breasts’ erotic..

Or whisper 🤫, faint sweet words o’nothingness In alabaster shell ‘neath, damp, luxurious hair 💁 Your dim, tender voice distilling Lust into the brain 🧠 My thoughts 💭 of you - in you to loose fore’er and e’er

My Nirwana, do not flail, do not scold.. but beware!.. This passion, insatiation grim 💀, to me, YOU.. will’d!.. O’your lips having tast’d and flesh and words insane 🤪